'The Sharks, the greatest true rock band of the early seventies, are back to shake the planet. Absolutely unbeatable' ~ Chris Salewicz 

Sharks were originally formed in 1972 by Andy Fraser after the demise of Free, Fraser left the band before their second album, Jab It In Yore Eye, which gained them a cult following amongst the punk cognoscenti, including The Clash, Chrissie Hynde and The Sex Pistols. The latter worked with Spedding on the demo’s for Never Mind The Bollocks.

Sharks have reformed with three original members – Chris Spedding, Steve Parsons & Nicky Judd. Also on board are Sex Pistols/Professionals drummer Paul Cook and Toshi Ogawa from Kingmob (bass).

"Killers of the Deep" their new album is out now.

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